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Rising · Against · The · Propaganda

The Guiding Hand will eat you alive

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Hi. I have never posted here either, but I'll do that now. I'm June. I don't think I've actually met anyone here, but your names sound familiar, so I might have seen some of you guys around before.

I'll try to hang around here more, but it's kind of hard to do that when everyone's at Xanga.

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I haven't read this in FOREVER!

...and I've never posted.

Hello, everyone! Remember me? I'm Kelsey Fox.

You probably don't, do you?
You jerks. :)

I was at thespian convention this weekend, and I got to see a whole lot of fellow AGSers.

Canae (sp? I'm so sorry) and Lauren - who were both E/LA kids, by the way - won first place in their respective categories!

Well, that's all I have to say. I'll try to be here more often

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Here are lyrics that my friend and I hope to make into an album. Tell me what you think, please, give advice!

Inner vision
The Visions Within

Part I: Visions of a fallen Nation

(Prologue) :
An Atmosphere of Arrogance

To fight or not to fight. Fuck it we'll fight, we'll show the world our might.

Let's start us a war in America's name. Let us explain the rules of the game.
Fight for us or stand aside, we have the world monopolized.
So what if by many we are despised, we're America, dammit, so pass the freedom fries.
In America we insure security. Civil liberties for suppos'd safety.
"Defy the constitution, you'll start a revolution."
Ah, then we'll just have to create new institutions.

The people are key, they must be controlled.
They must desire to fight, without being told.
We'll control them by fear, and make it perfectly clear,
That this terror is real, very real and very near!

Is this the Lie that you believe?
Open your eyes, don't be deceived!

Song 1: Today in America

(fade in from prologue)
(Bass and snare)
As society fails,
The truth is unveiled,
And corpses litter the earth.
As humanity dies,
Its leaders lie,
And babies are murdered at birth.
The truth is erased,
O such a disgrace,
The horror our world has become.
All those who have faith,
In the god that creates,
Awaiting their savior to come.

We’re dropping our bombs,
Destroying Islam,
While leaving our children behind.
The government rules,
And people are fools,
O where is the love of mankind?

(fade out)

End of song 1

Song 2: Colors

(Soft intro)
(after two bars): begin humming.
(After four bars): (Whisper) Your flag is flying, yet people are dying.)
(After six bars): The red, the white, the blue,
What does it mean to you?
The red what does it stand for,
Is it all this blood and war,
The men that gave their lives for you,
Thousands if not more?

Chorus: your flag is flying, yet people are dieing!
Your flag is flying, yet people are dying!

The white, what purpose does it serve?
Is this the fate that we deserve?


(change tempo)

And the blue,
Does that stand for the soldiers who fought for you?
The ones you push aside,
the Sons that died,
the parents that cried,
There is know one in witch,
we can confide.
We swallow their facades and lies,
Refuse to look through their disguise,
If you get lost, stare at the sky, and see your flag, o how it flies!
The flag is the one to blame,
Killing so many in Americas name,
Burn, burn, burn it down,
fling its ashes to the ground,
Until that final breath,
Until there’s nothing left,
And these feelings subside,
On 9-11 America should’ve died!

End of song 2

Part II: Visions of a Perfect Savior.

Song 3: the savior

(keyboard / guitar)
An empty shell, you have become,
To all your fears you have succumb.
No blood left flowing in your veins,
Nothing but your soul remains.
To live this life that you have chose,
With no one there to hold you close.
This hell that you yourself have made,
Your sanity begins to fade.
This is the lie that you believe,
Just a foolish tale for the naive
Oblivious to all that’s real,
For all you know is what you feel.
(build up to chorus)
Yet to this phantom god you pray,
You’ve been deceived, by him betrayed!

Chorus: Follow the lie, Follow the lie, to your promise land in the sky!
Follow the myth; follow the myth, the ghostly figure that doesn’t exist!

(tempo change faster)
Falling deeper and deeper into deceit
I know you believe, but must I be discreet?
About my thoughts and feelings against your god? (hold)
(whisper)So I say to you!
go on with your hopeless life,
He will come off his cross that night,
Don’t worry its ok if you sin,
Your god will be there to pull you back again.
Or so you think!(deep hold)

I am falling, I am falling, (pause) I am falling, I am falling, (pause) ketch me my god!

(echo GOD fade off)

End of song 3

Part III: visions of the Past

Song 4: Four up to Death

(Lead, Echo, 1, 2, 3, 4!)
1: You lie on the bed, unknown thoughts in your head,
I’m wondering why your wishing you were dead.
Ever so softly, you speak to me, about how you’d love to hang from a tree.
Or how you’d love to slit your wrists, anything, just to end this.

2: Your voice grows to an unbarible scream, I’d like to think I’m in a dream.
As the words, unbidden come, all my senses begin to go numb.
I’ve tried to stop you, many times, to save you from your own demise.
I’ve told you this, so much and more, but words of comfort you abhore.

3: You grab the gun, from off the shelf, you beg me not to scream for help.
Or my life, you’d take with yours, for here’s what you’ve been searching for.
A chance to find the things you lack, A chance to die, and not look back.

(Change rhythm)
Don’t do this (Repeat) (Scream) It isn’t worth it!

4: I scream to you, but you don’t hear, my limbs tremble, cold with fear.
Then I say, “Do what you will, it’s your life, not my blood to spill.”
So here it is, your time to die, to leave this world that you despise.
You grab your gun, say it’s the end, one shot later, goodbye my friend!
(Abrupt stop)

End of song 4

Song 5: Fifth Hour

(Solo: lead, Drum,)
ON the fifth hour of every day,
In my mind I'm locked away.
Seeing visions from the past,
of beauty and horror unsurpassed.
To ancient places I am taken,
For centuries, they've been forsaken.
I see the pyramids, proud and tall,
Yet these I notice not at all.

Chorus: I have seen this all for too long, why can’t he leave me at peace and be gone
For it is my destiny to answer this call, if not then from heaven my sol shall fall.
I was fading away in to oblivion, in that world long ago I know I must have lived in.

For I am looking for the one who killed me,
The one who killed me, and never healed me.
I will look until the end of days,
He will see the error of his ways.
My heart so feather light,
I will be forever in endless night.
Where dreams and angels never thrived,
I have been there, he is alive!
(Hold long)

Darkness surrounds me, cloaking my thoughts,
I must destroy, the evil he has wrought.
These places I know, I've seen them before,
Here at the temple, before this stone door.
Standing in the sweltering heat, I am forst to watch history repeat.
As the cold steel enters my hart, tearing my fucking life apart.
Why did you do this to me, destroyed all that I was destined to be.
My life is lost forever more,
I will never see the light of heavens door
So speak your words to your begotten servant,
It wasn’t me I didn’t deserve it!
(Fade out)

End of song 5

Song 6: Sacrificial Victim

You've become, the thing you are, from poisoned, stagnant love.
But there it is, and here you are, you serve the god above.
She comes along, your saving grace, yet you refuse to waver.
You’d much prefer the bitter taste, sweet masochistic flavor.

You sacrificial victim,
You self-aflicted martyr.
Justified with prideful faith,

You married hard, she was in need,

Song 7: (pt 1) Realization

(long intro)
I get off, on loving you, on fucking you, how I want you.
So soft, with skin not mine, it's undefined, these sick things we do.
And it hurts, when you're not there, I wonder where, you might be now.
And I curse, that you’re just a dream, to fulfill my needs,
I don't know how. (Afterthought)(I'll get on without you.)

Chorus1 :( Yell) (SAY!) I'm yours. Make me a whore! Destroy my morals.
(Yell)Kill! My mind, Help me find, what I've hidden with lies.
(afterthought.)(that you can show me.)

Your eyes, see through my flesh, at what is left, of my damned soul.
Your lies, that I detest, falsely confess, that I am whole.
And it hurts, to have you there, to see you're bare, and perfect skin.
How I curse, that I am sick, from all the shit, that they've called sin. (Afterthought)(But is it?)

Chorus2 :( Quickly rising) God! (Yell)(DAMN) these lies you've sold,
For I’ve been told, I can't be saved.
(Quickly rising)(If so,) (Yell)Fuck! The shame. You know its name. It's what I crave. (Afterthought.) (That you've denied me!)

(Interlude :) god! O god! O god! Fuck god!!

I'm, blaming no one, from this I won't run, it's what I am.
But, this thing I need, desire to feed, not done by my hand.
How, I wish I knew, what prompted you, to give it to me.
Still, it's what I love, and it's held above, normality. (Afterthought quickly rising yelling)(I want it!)

(quickly rising)(So are you?)
Chorus3 :( Yell) (Proud!) Of this, am I dismissed, from serving you?
(quickly rising)(To go and,) (Yell)(Fornicate!) With the unnamed. And those who need it too.

(Fade out)

End of song 6

Epilogue: (pt 2) 3:18-23

Dark desires grow inside me,
Hiding just beneath the surface.
Thoughts of skin, of blatent sin,
Plague me with their beckoning.

Each day I draw a little closer,
And again repelled by fear.
This need I can no longer hide,
Crying out in desperation.

Adrift amidst a sea of sorrow,
I've never been so lonely.
I'll take the path of least resistance,
Slowly giving way to apathy.

Feeling in the Air Tonight:
bored bored
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Sinet OConner, Factory Girl
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How right you are! And how unfortunate it is!

well, what the hell, here's a poem I need help with.
I wrote it just after watching Full Metal Jacket, so, ...

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful. Thus sayith the dutiful soldier as he marches through the marshes of a foreign land, prepared to give his all for Uncle sam and the boys back home. All alone, he’s on his own and it’s time to show just what he’s made of.

Here he is, scared as shit and in the thick of it. The bullets are coming and he’s running, running, running, … Disillusioned, beset with confusion

… I’m sutck from here on. Help, pwease!

Feeling in the Air Tonight:
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radiohead, Everything in its Right Place
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this community is dead.
* * *
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this community needs some more people...and interesting things to read.
for sure.
* * *
Hello to all members of this fine and, full, ... sort of full, well, fuck it, less than full community! How goes life on this fine morning? ... Or can 1:26 AM count as true morning? ... O well, what the hell, works for me!

Let us start with a fact. I've no idea who the members of this community are, might you elaborate? Or would it be wrong to post your true names on an online forum such as this? Hmmm, ...

secondly, my paragraph!

I am a squirrel. More than that, however, I am a retinopathic squirrel. ... What else need be said? I worship the creator of all thing, Bob! May Poptarts be held in the highest place of honor! does chaotic eccentric squirrel dance

Picture? Fuck pictures, they're bad for your eyes!

And lastly, as I'm becomming somewhat of a community whore, I have to plug my already made community, litascat. (literature as catharsis.) It's mainly for anyone interested in writing or discussion and critique of other's writings.

So, ... i've posted! Hope to see you all soon!

P.S. Appologies for my predicted lack of posts until august 21 when school starts. My internet is most horribly limited, and I've no way to check my email. cries intensely AAAAAAAA! ... ... Right, anyways, just letting you know!

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Marilyn Manson, The Nobodys
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ok, so apparently i'm to write a paragraph about myself.

paragraph lengths are a matter of opinion, so, i'm stephen ironside, from fayetteville. natural science.


one of myself, shannon and michelle at the talent show. best i can do :)

* * *
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Everyone, who is a member of this community, must write a paragaph about him/herself (include a name and a picture)

Short and Sweet

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Garbage *Bleed Like Me*
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hey, found this place and thought i'd join it, although i dont think i know any of the people here, except for alice, SCRANTON'S CLASS!!!!!!! social science was the best area I............talk to ya'll later!
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man, more people need to join this thing.
get the word out!
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Speaking... er, writing as the Creator of this community - I welcome you!!

So far we do not have many members (most of the "cool" ags kids have xangas, grrr) but the idea of having our own community appealed to Me so here we are!

Everyone visit http://www.purevolume.com and find YOUR headphone music
(i recommend Anberlin, 8mm, The Evan Anthem)

Anyways, there is a semi-official RAVE tonight (thanks Chris & Cameron for putting it together) so pictures should be expected

3 more days of AGS


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