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The Guiding Hand will eat you alive

Arkansas Governor's School 2005
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Us or Ode to AGS
by Mic Parker

We are
And we are
So they say.
We are
Think what you may
But Note:
Closed minds are not
Allowed on campus.

We are
Sultry black and
Vivid white and
The whole smooth brown continuum

We are
The East from the east side and the
West from the west side and
Somewhere roun' the middle
Big Little Rock.

We are
Hindi and the
Big C
(That's Christianity)
And all the other religious beliefs
(Or lack thereof)
Which do not fit into the
Rhyme scheme.

Now as for me
I don't know what's going on
Up above
But I can tell you what's happenin'
Down below.

There's Raney
Where the showers are
Big and
Clean and

But that's better than at
Where if you wink
(Because you got some
Soap in your eye)
Your showermate might get the
Wrong Impression.
Note: Curtains one can
See through are not suitable
For showering spaces.

There's Hardin
Where they're hard-up
For hooks
On which to hand their clothes
So everyone knows
When someone's taken a shower there:
Slightly Soggy

And in Veasey
So no one will get
Queasy or
You Must Leave All Nuts In You Room
Note: Veasey is a girls' dorm
Now that had nothin' to do with showers
But I'm amazed the allergies
Have such powers
That they can restrict
Our goober freedoms.

From the dorms to the norms
Like the sky
And the breeze and the trees
And the bricks
And the

And we walk the beat
To and from classes
And to and from masses
Of friends we have met here
In readin' places
And in eatin' spaces
(Also known as Hulen Hall)
Where the rolls are alwasy soft
Unless they're

So from the
Burrow to the
Brick Patio to the
We keep learnin'
Mo' and mo'
From one another.
Note: There is also a turtle pond
In which (until recently)
A pump has not pumped for
1.5 years.
I imagine it would be like
Living in 1.5 yeard-old soup.
Turtle Soup.
Thanks to Steve and Ivy's emails
The person up top now shells
Out money
To fix the pump.
Good job guys.

We are
AGS 2005
And we are the hive
Of all things good.
Because we made it what we
Made it and
We learned what
We taught.
We grew where we
Needed to
We did what we
Had to
We touched who we
Wanted to
And we became
Everything we wanted to become.

We are AGS.
We are insomniacs.
We are insect-riddled.
We are plagued by
In our sound systems.
We are
Hoping for second helpings
But subsisting on spinach leaves
Staring at that bumpy tree
Trying not to lose our key
Hoping to avoid a fee
We are
As perfect as we want to be.